•	Our Patent-Pending Production Process Places A Much Higher Electrical Charge On All Nanoparticles. All Other Brands Can Only Attack A Singular Pathogen Cell. The High-Voltage Charge Allows Each Individual Silver Nanoparticle To Engage Multiple Invaders	 

•	Silver Is Not An Immune System Booster Or Supporter. Silver Acts Within The Body As An Independent Form Of Immunity. With Sufficient Silver In One's System, Pathogens Can Be Eradicated Before The Body's Immune System Is Called Upon. Silver Is A Second Immunity, Independent Of The Body's Immune Response. Silver Is An Organic Substance Found In Whole Grains, Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms, Mammalian Milk and More. Take Daily As Directed To Curtail The Onset Of Winter Weather!
•	Works Great For Pets! Place A Small Amount In Your Pet's Drinking Water For Dental Health And Hygiene In Addition To Other Properties!
•	Safe And Responsible BPA-Free Packaging – Colloidal Silver Has Been Around More Than 120 Years. BPA-Free, Non-Leeching PET Bottles Colored In Blue Or Amber Protect Any Colloidal Silver Just As Well As Glass. Glass Breaks And Can Be Dangerous. Yes, Using Plastic Saves You Money, But There Is No Longer A Need For Glass Due To The Quality Of Today's Plastics! 

•	Safe For All Ages!

TheraSilver® Labs Advanced Colloidal Silver 225 PPM

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