TheraSilver® Labs Advanced 225 PPM Quad-Pack

TheraSilver® Labs

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All Colloidal Silver Contains Both Elemental Silver Particles AND Silver Ions.  Colloidal Silver Can Be Completely Clear, Yellow, Or Brown.  Over 95% Of All Items Labeled As Colloidal Silver Are Ionic Silver Which Contains Only Silver Ions, Greatly Reducing Its Potential Benefits. All Clear Ionic Silver Intentionally Mislabeled As Colloidal Silver Has A Sharp Metallic Taste. All True Colloidal Silver Has Virtually No Taste.  Silver Ions React With The Taste Buds Giving The Metallic Taste. This Is The Dead Giveaway That You Are Ingesting Ionic Silver, Not Colloidal Silver.

Mesosilver®, TheraSilver® Amber, And TheraSilver® ACS Products Are The Only True Silver Colloids For Sale On Amazon.  Colloidal Silver Is Difficult To Find As The Genuine Product Is Costly To Manufacture And There Is No Legal Enforcement Whatsoever Stopping Unscrupulous Manufacturers From Labeling Cheap Ionic Silver As Colloidal.  Shamefully, It Is Only After Using A Real Colloidal Silver That One Learns To Tell The Difference.

Mesosilver® Has Remained The Same For More Than 20 Years.  It Is A Proven Product, But Grossly Overpriced And Newer Production Methods Allow Superior Products To Be Manufactured.

TheraSilver® Amber Was Our First Entry Into The Colloidal Silver Business.  It Was A Runaway Success Even Though It Was A Relatively Simple To Produce Product.  It Was A Weak 20 ppm Product Very Similar To Mesosilver® At Half The Price.  Our ACS 225 Product Line Research Began In 2003.  It Took 15 Years To Perfect, And TheraSilver® ACS 225 Was Our Goal When We Released TheraSilver® Amber.  We Are Re-Releasing TheraSilver® Amber In Winter 2019.  It Will Be A Weak, But Effective 23 ppm Product, Slightly More Powerful And Sophisticated Than The Original.  We, As A Company, Are Losing Sales As The Misinformation Wars Have Most Buyers Afraid Of Products In Excess Of 20 ppm.  Each Bottle Sold Will Include Solid Research And Information Attempting To Dispel The Myths Surrounding Low PPM Silver.