As stated on the "About Us" page, we are a small, family owned and operated company. We started this company in 2012. A small company started on a shoestring budget, we must have done  things the right way. we closely monitor every aspect of this business.

We have over 5,000 active customers in our email database which grows a little almost every week.

Customer concerns are of the utmost importance to we. We have listened to customer concerns since day one, and do our best to first make all aspects of our business worry free!

This stated, send in this contact form with any valid question or concern. We will try to reply promptly, please remember we are a small family company.

There is no published phone number for a very specific reason. Today, practically anybody can record a telephone call. we know exactly what dosages and other medical conditions our products might help or eliminate...The problem is that the FDA does not permit us to relay that information. If you google your questions there are several sources available discussing Colloidal Silver. Even documented studies. That said, we will try to provide an Education section in the future to aid your search for answers. We are trying to develop a members forum so you can share your successes. (That is legal).

Finally, thank you for you interest in TheraSilver® Labs. We value you are an individual and value as a customer.

The TheraSilver® Family