About Us

1.) It is a fact that almost every person shopping on this website either first purchased one of our products on Amazon.com or received one of our products as a gift from a friend or family member. We use no other marketing techniques to draw customers to this store.

2.) We, The TheraSilver® Family, operate all aspects of this small business. We personally inspect and sample every production run of each product. There is no such thing as a "bad bottle" of anything we ship. Our packaging techniques have evolved over 5 years to make damage by the USPS highly unlikely. If your box arrives wet or with visible damage, please take 3-6 photographs while you are unpacking the shipment, and if I determine carrier damage is to blame, we will promptly replace the damaged portion of the order. For the record, I have never had a gel order, single-bottle order, or a twin-pack order damaged in transit over our years of operation. On a very rare occasion a 4-liter quad packs is partially damaged in transit, due to mishandling which easily be identified.

3.) This product line and category in general is considered a necessary "medicine" by some users. This gives rise to the possibility of theft attempts via mail fraud.  We are blessed to live and work in a rural area where delivered packages are safe for 2-3 nights in the event we are unable to check the front door. Many people do not enjoy this luxury, so we ask that you choose your postal delivery address carefully and choose the most secure option. We also have with Postal Annex a mail service so somebody signs for our high value packages in an environment full of security cameras and secure storage for packages.

4.) We do not provide refunds under any circumstance. Our company is small, and we like it that way. We like to explain our actions and policies in a clear and thorough manner. We exist for a single reason - we sell the finest colloidal silver and colloidal silver derived products we know how to make. we have clearly stated and justified our position on the no refunds policy. If you have not tried a particular product, please make your first purchase on Amazon.com where you have 30 days to try our product. We are notified when a refund is requested on Amazon.com. If you purchase our products there and seek a refund, we will not sell to you again as it only adds to the cost of business.

5.) Mistakes, Omissions, Communications - These can originate from my actions, your actions, or even misunderstandings from both sides concurrently. we have accidentally sent twin-packs when a quad-pack was ordered as a real world example. Our no-refund policy does not have a failure to communicate policy. If we make a mistake, we wish to make it right as quickly as possible. Please use the contact form on the website and let us know what happened, or if you feel wronged by us, kindly let us know. My published policies always stand, but your happiness within my policies is our ultimate goal.


The TheraSilver® Family